Autoship: Machine Learning

100% automated shipping without rules.
You ship. We learn. We ship. You sell more.


Machine Learns

Despite all the advanced features available through shipping software to make online order processing and shipping faster, the repetitive, time-consuming nature of the task remains. Not anymore. Autoship learns what you do – so we can do it for you. Predictive analytics and smart engineers are a great combination. Autoship nails that combination.

You Review & Approve

Instead of making selections and decisions 1 by 1 or on a batch, simply review and approve all eligible orders. Kind of like delegating to a highly efficient employee that pays even more attention to detail – and you still get the opportunity to review (if you choose) before labels print. You’ll go from “doing” to “reviewing” same day.


With the significant time savings and other benefits of Autoship (increased order accuracy, increased productivity) you can now use that time to market and promote your business. Our merchants love marketing platforms like Channel Advisor and Solid Commerce that help you sell more. Now that you have time, check em out.  

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96% Reduction in Shipping Time

“Our company has grown significantly since we started using ShippingEasy. We have been with ShippingEasy since 2014. When we turned on AutoShip, we were spending 5 hours on shipping daily and it took up a good portion of our day. After uploading our product catalog and ensuring what our weights were, we went from 30% shipment accuary to 98% shipment accuracy that the system was able to predict for. After making these changes, our shipping process has gone from 25 hours a week to 1 hour now that we have Autoship and are fully optimized! Thank you for making such a positive difference in our company.” Eric Ponomarev, President of

Push a Button, Labels Print

“We have been a ShippingEasy customer from the beginning stages of our business and Autoship has been a great feature to simplify our shipping. I cannot imagine going back to the old way of batching together orders and assigning saved selection. Autoship predicts and autopopulates the shipping method for us, we just review, press a button and the labels print.

We recently featured a free coupon on our website and got thousands of orders in. Autoship allowed us to process these orders in a fraction of the time it would have taken, letting us focus on other areas of our business. As we continue to grow our business, this will be a great tool to focus on other areas of our business besides shipping.”

Workload Cut In Half

“By utilizing the AutoShip program, we were able to reduce our shipping process workload by half.  Prior to enrolling in your program, the average time spent processing orders would easily take a couple of hours on a normal business day and much more time for busier days.  Autoship has definitely been a benefit in relation to our business expenditures.  We no longer have to manually prepare US orders and that alone is a huge time savings to our business.”

Reclaimed Time Invested in Growth

“We used to spend 30 hours a week to print and sort out orders to ship- When heard about Auto-Ship, we jumped at the opportunity.

Auto-Ship has cut our shipping time in half, and drastically increased productivity. We’ve always taken advantage of time saving features, but Auto-Ship is on an entirely different level. It predicts how we will ship our packages and gets it right almost 100% of the time. Auto-Ship predicts, we review, press a button and labels print. Learning the program was easy, very intuitive and our employees learned the process with little effort. With Auto-ship freeing up valuable time so we can focus on growing our business.”

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Common Questions about Autoship

What exactly is Autoship?

Autoship is a predictive analytics solution fully integrated within the ShippingEasy app. It uses advanced algorithms to accurately automate decisions related to shipping, increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing errors. In simple terms, we analyze all aspects of shipping decisions you have made in the past across hundreds of attributes, identify patterns and markers in the underlying data and then apply one of many algorithms to recommend shipment selections for your new orders based on your past choices. The tool includes visual cues that make it easier to spot eligible shipments as well as easy selection options for fast, on-the-go decision making. The best way to explain Autoship – is to share a screen so you can see it in action.

How will AutoShip save me time?

AutoShip allows you to process all of your orders at once. Unlike batching, AutoShip doesn’t limit you to processing labels with the same carrier selections and destination. You can process international and domestic orders together. This is definitely beneficial to those who have a large inventory and are forced to process orders individually or in multiple batches throughout the day.

What happens if I change how I'm shipping or add something new to our inventory?

AutoShip is a learning algorithm. If  a change is made to a shipping preference or decision, it will detect the new pattern and update its predictions to reflect it. There is a visual cue that indicates whether an order is eligible (eg does Autoship know the answer with certainty) – if it is no longer certain, you will not see the cue. For new inventory, once there is a substantial sample of shipments to test against,  AutoShip will be able to generate an accurate label and the visual cue will start appearing next to orders containing that new item.


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