Interview with Our Team Member: Andrew



Team Member: Andrew

Title: Senior Sales Engineer

Start Date: April 2014

What do you do at ShippingEasy?
I help our enterprise customers implement and use our software. I make sure the transition from their previous shipping solution to ShippingEasy is smooth and painless. I teach each customer the most efficient and easy way to use our software which helps them save time on shipping and spend more time growing their business!

What do you like about your specific role?
I love talking to hundreds of successful e-commerce merchants every month; each of them with a unique set of issues they would like to solve. I love learning about how they started their business, what they did to grow their business, and where they plan to take their business in the future.

What is your favorite thing about working at ShippingEasy?
The culture. I am excited to wake up and go to work every day because I am surrounded by people I genuinely enjoy working with. Before ShippingEasy I worked for a Fortune 500 company and the culture here is completely opposite. I flew a remote control helicopter around our office on my first day! And then I did it again the next day. And the next day. And eventually it broke so we bought other toys that don’t break.

If you were talking to an applicant for a role at ShippingEasy, what would you tell them about working here?
We embody the work hard play hard attitude. We are not afraid to take on daunting projects that other software companies shy away from. Each person here invests their time and energy in helping our clients solve problems. We set stretch goals and we achieve them. We also like to relax and spend time with each other outside of work.

If you had to name 1 reason that someone should want to work at ShippingEasy, what would it be?
Personal growth. If you have a passion for helping others you will love working here. I’ve become a better friend, colleague, and leader because of the work I’ve done at ShippingEasy. While career growth is abundant at ShippingEasy the personal growth is invaluable. Everybody here will invest their time to make sure you are successful and add value to our team!


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