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Automate Amazon feedback and review management

Feedback drives sales on Amazon and keeps you competitive. Automatically solicit seller and product reviews, manage and respond to feedback faster, and grow revenue. All of this in one platform, without the hassle of multiple solutions.

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Feedback Management is part of the Amazon Seller Suite, available exclusively with ShippingEasy.

Automated emails and so much more...

Generating strong customer feedback ratings is key to your success selling on Amazon. Positively impact buyer perception of your listings, and improve your product visibility with reviews.

Amazon Feedback Management is:

  • Beautiful pre-built templates proven to build brands and drive reviews
  • Automated request emails link directly to products purchased
  • Emails triggered by actual delivery confirmation by the carrier, not a timer
  • Product review and seller feedback management in one intuitive platform
  • Low-cost and effective platform, saving you hundreds of dollars over software like

Easily monitor product reviews

  • Fully tracked ASINs, allowing you to view entire review history
  • Choose the number of ASINs to track to fit for your needs
  • Positive, neutral, and negative feedback monitoring
  • Custom emails based on products purchase, total spend, and more with game-changing campaign variables
  • One-click responses — stay on top of all customer feedback

Get more seller feedback

Feedback Management automates the seller feedback request process and helps you proactively manage and respond to your customers.

  • Automated review requests triggered by your real-time order delivery data
  • Customizable email templates to showcase and build your brand
  • Negative and neutral feedback monitoring and alerts
  • Complete and unlimited history of orders and reviews available when you need it

Streamline Amazon selling

Stop cycling through different apps when managing your Amazon reviews and orders. ShippingEasy includes dashboards to monitor seller feedback and product reviews all in one place.

  • Automatic updates keep you on top of what your customers need
  • Date range and feedback rating filters to monitor feedback trends
  • Powerful automation to request reviews from the right customers
  • Easily view performance statistics for your email request campaigns
  • Everything in one platform with shipping, inventory, and customer communications

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Feedback Genius
Email Quantity — Price
Email Quantity — Price
100 — FREE5,000 — $14/mo.
1,000 — $20/mo.10,000 — $19/mo.
3,000 — $40/mo.25,000 — $39/mo.
10,000 — $80/mo.50,000 — $69/mo.
60,000 — $240/mo.100,000 — $99/mo.
ASIN Quantity — PriceASIN Quantity — Price
2 — FREE3 — FREE
20 — $10/mo.20 — $9/mo.
50 — $20/mo.50 — $14/mo.
100 — $40/mo.100 — $24/mo.
200 — $60/mo.500 — $99/mo.
350 — $90/mo.1000 — $149/mo.
500 — $120/mo.
1000 — $200/mo.