Shipping for 3dcart

Customizable, all in one shipping software with the best USPS rates available (save up to 46%!). Advanced features like Split Order, Mapping or Batch Processing. Sync any store or marketplace from NewEgg to Amazon and connect UPS and FedEx accounts for easy access to your negotiated rates. Not to mention, a support team available right here in Austin, TX—always a phone call or email away.

Shipping features for 3dcart:


  • A well designed and user friendly workspace
  • Easy to master with minimal clicks and straightforward settings
  • Customize your settings and processes, whether through color coded categories or automated order mapping

PURPOSE BUILT shipping for 3dcart

  • Shipping Automation allows you to map 3dcart order status, customer shipping preferences and more
  • Orders synced in real-time, no wait
  • 3dcart has awesome features, easy customization and an affordable price tag–we do too!



  • You decide which Order Statuses pull in from 3dcart: only pull orders you’re ready to ship
  • Set up ShippingEasy to download Ready to Ship but not Awaiting Payment
  • Change your mind at any time! Settings easily accessed, easily updated.



  • Shipping Rules let you map carriers, categories and more based on IF/THEN statements
  • Compare Rates: our program offers even cheaper shipping options
  • Easy International: auto-populate customs forms
  • Simple Returns: with just 1-click

YOUR BRAND, your way

  • Your logo, your hero – we get it and we embrace it!
  • Custom Packing Slips, Shipping Confirmation and Return Shipment emails
  • Easy customization of customer messaging, add your flair or professionalism


  • Endless integrations including eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Newegg
  • Each one syncs automatically, in real time, snap!
  • Streamline “more orders” into a single system: ShippingEasy
  • All in one all the time


  • A truly FREE plan–no per label fee!–for the same great app
  • Shippers who send less than 50 packages a month still get discounts
  • Full access to discounted USPS rates and the easiest shipping app around
  • Sign up and ship today!