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2017: Feature Release
By Jack S., Jan 17, 2017

Here are the feature updates for 2017 all in one place.

VIEW full year 2016 Feature Release page to get a feel for our pace and focus.

NEW! Customer Management

Inventory Management

  • Product upload now supports SKU aliases
  • Enhanced bulk import from Shopify (for inventory tracking) to also bring in the image of each SKU from Shopify
  • Two-way sync of inventory levels on Volusion stores added. This increases othe count of stores for which we can do two-way inventory sync to seven: Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify, Ecwid, Walmart, and Volusion


  • USPS implemented rate and service changes on Jan. 22nd
  • UPS implemented rate and service changes on Dec. 26th
  • FedEx implemented rate and service changes on Jan. 2nd

Emails, Packing Slips, Pick Lists

  • New version of the packing slip/email template editor
  • New option to add custom columns to the list of line items on a packing slip
  • New option for the display of list of line items in a packing slip: zebra striping or grid
  • New option to add custom columns to the list of line items on a packing slip


  • New filter: Product Tags


New Features

  • A new filter on the Orders page: Product Tags
  • New optional column in our shipping reports: Return
  • Added support for removing a variant SKU from a product catalog entry


  • Updated USPS tracking on Shipment History
    • The “delivery column” can now be sorted
    • Hovering the mouse on a delivery icon (the clock, etc) will now provide additional information
    • New filter on Shipment History: Delivery Status – limits the display to shipments that have a specific delivery status
  • Display count of shipments at the bottom of the USPS SCAN form page
  • New variable in our packing slip template editor: Packaging. This variable displays the name of the packaging used for the shipment


  • A new international version of the Shipment Margin report
  • A new option in the domestic Shipment Margin report to display the values for each county within a selected state
  • New optional column in shipping reports: Return. If selected, the Return column indicates if a shipment was a prepaid return label or not
  • New optional columns in the Complete Shipping Report: Destination Postal Code, Destination Address Line 1, Destination Address Line 2, Destination Phone

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