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ShippingEasy vs. The Competition


ShippingEasy Plan Types

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If shipping under 50 orders per month, use the ShippingEasy Free Starter Plan


Flat Rate Green Shipping vs. Priority Mail

Flat Rate Green is a proprietary cubic shipping rate offered by ShippingEasy.
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ShippingEasy Guides

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ShippingEasy Collateral


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Winner of the NPF 2016 Technology Award


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Common Questions from USPS Reps

What’s the difference between ShippingEasy and Stamps/Endicia?

ShippingEasy is a fully integrated, web-based shipping software platform that automatically pulls in orders from all eCommerce selling channels, processes these orders quickly through advanced features, and prints discount rate shipping labels while handling back-end tasks such as tracking status emails and updating stores with order status.

What kind of customers does ShippingEasy work with?

ShippingEasy serves online eCommerce sellers of all sizes no matter if they sell through online eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, or want to connect to the ShippingEasy API. From new business and small retail stores, to large eCommerce sites with thousands of daily orders, warehouses, and multiple employees. New sellers and low volume sellers can take advantage of our Starter plan, large sellers with thousands of weekly orders can use our full service Enterprise plan, and anyone in between can take advantage of our many Paid Plan levels.

How long is the ShippingEasy free trial? What else do users receive when signing up?

For all paid plans, ShippingEasy is completely free for 30 days. At the beginning of the trial period, all paid plan users can take advantage of our free training from dedicated shipping specialists for quickly setting up initial settings, label preferences, and a few shipping rules to get shipping faster than ever. If someone signs up under the Free Starter plan, the software is free forever, but only receives Commercial Base Pricing on shipping labels.


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