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First Class Mail from ShippingEasy


Every online store owner wants the most cost-effective way to ship small packages, with a minimum of time spent on paperwork and tracking. That’s not difficult when you’re getting started, but when your company grows, you have a high volume of packages that must get to customers efficiently. You need easy, intuitive steps to print labels, and a frictionless way to share information.

U.S. First Class postage is often ideal for small retail businesses. With ShippingEasy, the process is even simpler:


  1. You get the best-possible First Class postage rates. ShippingEasy offers Commercial Plus Pricing for domestic and international shipping, which means you pay the lowest first class package cost.
  2. Includes tracking updates and proof of delivery
  3. Optional shipping insurance from leading providers: Just tick a box to add insurance to your shipping labels.
  4. Manageable, understandable access to your USPS account information


Learn more about saving money on package costs using ShippingEasy.