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Selling online: facts and stats
By Jack S., Apr 5, 2013

Every once in a while we bump into meaningful statistics and surveys that we save or send around internally. This week, we had our intern, Jake, go through and cull the most relevant so that we could share broadly.

_________________________    FACTS that drive SALES    __________________________


  • 58% of shoppers want free or discounted shipping
  • 59% of merchants pay for returns
  • 42% of shoppers want an easy returns and exchange process
  • 38% of shoppers want online tracking

FREE SHIPPING – Relaxed expectations

  • Only 5% of online shoppers expect a free shipping offer to deliver the product within 2 days
  • 95% of online shoppers expect a free shipping offer to deliver the product within 3 to 7 days
  • 64% of online shoppers indicate that free shipping greatly impacts their ordering decision
  • 93% of online shoppers purchase more products with free shipping


  • 85% of customers will not shop again if the return process is not convenient
  • 95% of customers will shop again if the return process is convenient
  • Return rates average from 17% to 25%, Zappos stated return rate is 35%
  • 63% of online shoppers check a retailer’s returns policy before making a purchase
  • 67% of shoppers buy more with free returns


  • 61% due to extra costs (shipping, taxes, fees)
  • 22% due to failure to mention shipping costs
  • 58.6% because they were just browsing/not ready to buy
  • 49% of online shoppers abandon purchase due to hidden fees only revealed upon checkout


USPS presentation at National Postal Forum Conference in San Francisco, March 19, 2013


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