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ShippingEasy Partners & Integrations

Our ecommerce shipping software integrates with these ecommerce platforms, carts, marketplaces and carriers


Integrate your Bigcommerce store in seconds and start shipping orders. Get the best USPS rates when you use our ecommerce shipping software. Batch processing and printing, international customs and label support, 1 click returns. View Bigcommerce reviews.


Simple shipping integration using the shipping app for Shopify stores. Best USPS rates, free Starter plan, stealth postage, customer shipping notifications and real time tracking updates. View Shopify reviews.


Best shipping app for Volusion merchants. Built for speed to deliver batch shipping labels in seconds, leveraging heavily discounted USPS rates. For US based stores shipping domestically and internationally. View Volusion reviews.  Learn more.


ShippingEasy provides integrated shipping solutions for your Amazon store in minutes. Orders are automatically downloaded for shipping, including buyer address and preferences. Batch process your shipments, batch print your labels and focus on selling, not shipping. Learn more.


Ecommerce integration between ShippingEasy and eBay means your orders download automatically – and then tracking numbers and order status updates are sent back. Save your shipping preferences and we’ll apply them in real time. Fast, easy and value for money. Learn more.


ShippingEasy’s powerful shipping solution will integrate with your AmeriCommerce store and all your major marketplaces and carriers. Use advanced rules and mapping features for automated batch shipping, label printing, tracking updates, and more. How?


Use ShippingEasy’s ecommerce shipping integration for your 3dcart with immediate order processing and professionally printed shipping labels. Discounted USPS rates, easy returns, real time customer notifications and tracking updates right back to 3dcart. Learn more.


ShippingEasy provides integrated shipping solutions for your Yahoo! Store. Orders are automatically downloaded for shipping. Use advanced automation features to map your orders. Batch print your labels and focus on selling (on all your marketplaces), not shipping. Learn more.


ShippingEasy’s software is powerful enough to create rules and map your orders, shipping, returns, and tracking updates for all your marketplaces with minimal clicks. Take advantage of advanced features like batching hundreds of orders while enjoying discounted USPS rates.


A streamlined shipping app solution for Magento merchants. Receive heavily discounted USPS Rates (CPP) automatically. Speed and ease of use take the pain out of shipping. Mapping, CSV order upload option and batch label creation. For US based stores shipping domestically and internationally. Learn more.


Easily import order data to QuickBooks via ShippingEasy. Sync up shipping costs with your accounting so you can focus on revenue and save money with the USPS rates that Fortune 500 companies enjoy. Learn more.


Directly integrate with Etsy and download your orders in real time, including all order notes and customer details. Similarly, order status updates and shipment tracking numbers are posted back to Etsy automatically. Best USPS rates available plus easy UPS and FedEx plug-in. One-off shipping labels and CSV upload all part of the package. Learn more.


Easy 1 step integration with PayPal, downloading all orders from all stores. Discounted USPS shipping labels (CPP) printed in seconds – alongside your FedEx and UPS negotiated rates. Plus, serious automation and advanced features like batching, automatic customs forms and 1-click returns. Learn more.


Sync your account and automatically download all orders in a snap. ShippingEasy is an ecommerce shipping solution that allows for batch processing, which lets you quickly ship items to your customers. All tracking details populated back to in real time. Read reviews from sellers. Learn more.


Directly integrate your Newegg account for quick & easy order processing. Discounted USPS shipping labels printed in seconds – alongside your FedEx and UPS negotiated rates. Compare rates across single orders or batches to find the best package and service. Default insurance preferences can be applied on the fly – at heavily discounted ratesLearn more.

Eleventh Avenue

Sync your Eleventh Avenue account and automatically download all your daily deal orders in one place. All tracking details populated back to Eleventh Avenue in real time. Keep your customers updated and happy while enjoying up to 46% off of USPS rates.


Pull in orders in less than five minutes and then stay synced automatically. FREE account for new merchants, the best USPS discounts available, the fastest software, access from the cloud, easy international…it’s all here. Learn more.


Integrate your WooCommerce store and start processing your shipments in moments.  Our free Starter plan, best USPS rates, seamless customer shipping notifications and easy returns let you take the pain out of shipping. Learn more.

Solid Commerce

Sync ShippingEasy to Solid Commerce and vice versa, including item description, weight, tracking number and shipping service. With ShippingEasy and Solid Commerce, you can synchronize inventory in real time, consolidate all marketplaces, access advanced shipping functionality and best of all, the lowest USPS rates. Learn more.


ShippingEasy directly integrates with your Storenvy account to make shipping easy.  Best USPS shipping rates and a FREE Starter plan. Automatically synced orders and tracking status let you concentrate on your product. Learn more.

Spree Commerce

ShippingEasy integrates with your fully customizeable SpreeCommerce store. Enjoy the best rates on USPS while streamlining shipping with all your orders in one location. Mapping, CSV order upload, product catalog upload and batch label creation. Learn more.

Stitch Labs

Integrate Stitch Labs to sync store orders, inventory and shipping in a snap.  Best rates on USPS + all the important details posted back to Stitch: order status, tracking number, carrier, service level and shipping cost. Finally, all the details in one place.  Learn more.


Sync GREAT.LY with ShippingEasy and automatically download all Maker orders in seconds. Tracking status updates in GREAT.LY instantly getting you paid! Access best USPS rates, and easy integration of additional marketplaces. Learn more.

Shipping API

Leverage ShippingEasy Web Services to quickly integrate customized shipping capabilities within your platform.  APIs include multi-carrier rate quoting, address verification, label generation and postage payments. Get documentation. Learn more.


As X-Cart makes your online checkout seamless, ShippingEasy will simplify shipping to your customers. Automatically pull in all your orders from X-cart and additional marketplaces, generate compliant labels, and automate customer emails to keep your customers happy every step of the way. Learn more.


ShippingEasy is reliable and flexible – just like PrestaShop. Automate shipping for your eCommerce store and all your online marketplaces while saving up to 46% off USPS rates. Learn more.


OneSaas is powerful software that integrates with all the apps an ecommerce merchant needs. Marketplaces, email providers, CRMs and ShippingEasy can all share data via OneSaas. Learn more.


Manage shipping across multiple marketplaces with ease. Use the ShippingEasy integration with SynCommerce to consolidate all your orders,  streamline shipping, and update customers with branded communications. And, you’ll get the best rates on USPS postage out there. Learn more.


Pull in orders from your OpenCart store along with orders from all your marketplaces. Automate shipping with mapping, batch label printing, csv upload, and customized emails that auto-update your customers. Use all major carriers and always enjoy up to 46% of USPS rates. Learn more.


Easy to use, cloud-based inventory management system, Scout, integrates with ShippingEasy to offer users advanced automation, like AutoShip, and exclusive rate savings.


Merchant account provider, Moolah, offers exceptional services to providers with no set up or cancellation fees. Enjoy flexibility with Moolah and save even more while enjoying ShippingEasy’s massively discounted rates.


The best USPS savings, up to 46% on a single package, through Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Pricing accessible via every ShippingEasy plan type. No volume requirements or annual audits. You benefit from our aggregated volume.  Learn more.


UPS compliant labels available via our Ready Partner certified status. Connect your UPS account and access YOUR negotiated rates and preferences via ShippingEasy. Multi-carrier shipping from a cloud based solution – eliminating the need for Worldship + Shipment Manager. Learn more.


An advanced FedEx integration lets you access everything you love about your FedEx account in ShippingEasy. Specializing in shipping for ecommerce merchants with direct integrations to your website and marketplace seller accounts. All orders auto download, then tracking details and order status updates posted back in real time. Learn more.


Integrate DHL Global Mail for domestic shipments to take advantage of all of ShippingEasy’s features including automatically downloading orders, mapping, batch label printing and more. Learn more.