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Priority Mail with US – First Class


Many online businesses rely on U.S. first-class postage: It’s relatively easy to use, and customers recognize it. But it isn’t always inexpensive – unless you have some help. ShippingEasy provides its customers with the best priority mail rates for their businesses. Shipping with U.S. first class postage is made simple and affordable – perfect for any small company.

The ShippingEasy software gives you a range of privileges on U.S. first class postage for letters and packages under 13 oz. You can provide customers and your business with:

  1. Delivery in 2-3 business days
  2. You get the lowest possible price for the packages you need to send, including the best postal rates on your priority mail packages.
  3. Tracking information on all packages, both for domestic priority mail and international priority mail
  4. Postal insurance options
  5. Proof of delivery for all items
  6. Easy account management, where you can see all transactions on a single screen


ShippingEasy takes the middleman out of the equation. It provides you with the best postal mail rates for first class. It keeps the process of shipping for your business simple and concise, and it gives you tracking information to keep your customers updated. What’s not to like?


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