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EasyShip Widget Print from your platform.

Fast label printing for sellers without an external shipping application.

The EasyShip widget allows you to deploy an embedded shipping solution with minimal IT effort.

Shipping without a third party app. We made it, you should use it.

Revenue Share

  • Transactional Revenue Stream accrues to the platform based on shipping volume.
  • Request a customized forecast based on your platform and order/package types.
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Merchant Benefits

  • Eliminate errors – order and delivery information parsed directly to widget
  • Optimize workflow – 1 click shipping without leaving your platform
  • Free, no monthly subscription – eliminate the need for yet another monthly fee for sellers
  • End to end solution – everything a merchant needs to deliver the goods

Platform Benefits

  • Deliver additional services in your platform – more merchant value
  • Transactional revenue
  • Secure plug-in, easy to deploy – minimal IT effort (hours)


Integrate our widget in as little as 1 to 3 days, delivering a printed label built with real time order details to your online sellers.


Earn transactional revenue while eliminating the need for your customers to pay for a third party shipping solution and they’ll enjoy heavily discounted USPS rates.


Perfect for sellers that prefer to print labels within your platform vs download to an external shipping application.

Your platform: Supports shipping without a third party application