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2016: Feature Release
By Jack S., May 17, 2016

Here are the feature updates for 2016 all in one place.

VIEW full year 2015 Feature Release page to get a feel for our pace and focus.

NEW! Inventory Management



  • More options to sync store orders: automatically or on-demand, individual store or all stores
  • Changed Orders page “Weight” and “Age” filters
  • Improved handling of invalid addresses
  • Added Estimated Delivery column to display the estimated delivery date for most USPS domestic services
  • Three new custom field columns on the Orders page
  • New message at the top of the Orders page for accounts that have automatic store order downloads disabled because of 14 days of inactivity. Message includes link to re-enable automatic downloads
  • Support for more than one SKU in the Product SKU filter on the Orders page

Emails, Packing Slips, Pick Lists

  • Emails:
  • Packing Slips:
    • New packing slip template variable: {{store.store_name}} pulls the “Store Name” from the Stores & Orders settings pages
  • Pick & Pack: “Print All” option allows printing of all available orders – print more than 200 orders at a time. For now, this feature is limited to a maximum of 10,000 orders.
  • Pick Lists: Customizable pick lists. Select from a much longer list of fields to display on the pick list, control the positions of the fields, preview pick lists and new “group by” options available.
    • Product images on pick lists
    • Barcodes on pick lists. The order number and product SKU as barcodes are now available as optional columns on the pick list
  • Support for displaying the SKUs included within a bundled SKU on packing slips and pick lists.


  • Estimated Delivery Date displayed on Ready to Ship page for most USPS domestic services
  • New filter on Shipment History page: Carrier
  • Name a batch on the Ready to Ship page by selecting the pencil icon next to the batch
  • Changed highlight color to dark blue for better visibility
  • QuickShip now has two menu entries: “New Label” and “Return Label.” Create a return label for a buyer for whom there is no order or existing shipment in ShippingEasy


  • New versions of ConnectEasy make printing faster
  • New versions of the QuickBooks Desktop plugin make accounting easier
  • New keyboard shortcut for the “load” bar on Ready to Ship. Makes putting the cursor back into the load bar without a mouse easier
    • Windows: Alt-Shift-L
    • Mac OS X: Ctrl-Option-L
  • Improved CSV column mapping
  • Allow the rerunning of shipping rules


  • Added “Shipping Margin” reports, with two versions: “All” and “Domestic
  • Added new data for reports: Warehouse/bin
  • Updated “Shipped Products Report
  • Added new report under Order Reports that lists all unshipped orders, organized by date and store.
  • New optional columns to choose on Complete Shipping Report:
    • Creation Time (of the shipment)
    • Creation Date (of the shipment)
    • Destination Company
    • Length, Width, and Height (of the shipment)
    • Batch Name (if the shipment was created in a batch)
    • New column on the Unshipped All Orders report: Order Total. This is the total dollar value of the unshipped orders



  • Version released for QuickBooks Desktop with minor updates
  • Version released for QuickBooks Desktop with new features and minor updates
    • New option for creating transactions and/or customers
    • Map internal order notes from ShippingEasy
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Allow for taxable and non-taxable products in a single order when configured for QuickBooks to calculate sales tax

Store Platform Integrations



  • Unlimited number of store integrations to any paid plan, for no additional cost
  • User permissions enable the account owner to limit access to certain parts of ShippingEasy on a per-user basis
    • Two new user permissions: Edit Order Items and Edit Order Recipient. These additional permissions allow control over which specific order data users can modify
  • A complete rework of the existing Browse Rates window
    • In addition to USPS, support for negoiated UPS and standard FedEx rates
  • New link on the Subscription & Billing page: Update USPS Postage to Checking Account
  • Order tags – easily add attributes to individual and multiple orders
  • An additional filter on all Dashboard displays: Yesterday


As always, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit feature requests in our Community forum.

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